BHNZ has a judging community. Alongside Barbershop Harmony Australia, the two organisations have trained members that belong to the Australiasian Judging Guild.

Listed below are the BHNZ Members who are judges.

Person Category Location
David Brooks Music Judge Lower Hutt
Henare Mihaere Music Judge Wellington
Graeme Gainsford Presentation Judge Lower Hutt
Neville Kennedy Presentation Judge Dunedin
Charlotte Murray Presentation Judge Wellington
Michael Markham Presentation Judge Lower Hutt
Robbie Lane Singing Judge Wellington
Matthew Gifford Singing Judge Wellington
Henrietta Hunkin Singing Judge Lower Hutt
Andy Hutson Contest Administrator Porirua
Kevin Day Contest Administrator Lower Hutt

Identified members of the Barbershop Harmony New Zealand are also members of the Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges. This covers the 3 judging categories in men's barbershop:

• Singing
• Music
• Presentation

Scores are given for each song for each category of up to 100 points. For most competitions, competitors can receive feedback from the judges following the contest.


Judges in this category evaluate the degree to which the performer achieves good singing in the barbershop style.
This involves the production of a consistent resonant sound created by good individual vocal techniques free from apparent effort, and by the quartet or chorus singing as a unit.

Singing judges listen for
• precise tuning – melodic line (lead part) and harmonically
• a feeling of fullness or expansion of sound
• a high degree of vocal skill
• a high level of vocal unity and consistency throughout the performance
• a freedom from apparent effort that allows the full communication of the lyric and song.


Judges in this category assess the extent to which the musical performance displays the hallmarks of the barbershop style, and the degree to which the musical performance demonstrates an artistic sensitivity to the music’s primary theme. Judges in this category assess the musical elements in the performance:
• melody,
• harmony,
• range and tessitura,
• tempo
• rhythm and meter,
• construction and form
• embellishments.


These judges evaluate how effectively a performer brings the song to life. They respond to both the visual and vocal aspects of the presentation, to evaluate the interaction of these aspects in creating the image of the song, as well as everything about the performance that contributes to emotional impact upon the audience.

A presentation judge will be asking if the musical and visual delivery of the song is from the heart, believable, and sensitive to the song and its arrangement throughout.

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