Education Team Update

The Education Team is excited to have completed planning for the 2017 calendar year. We have a number of initiatives planned, with an aim to continue to lift the quality of barbershop singing in New Zealand. This, in turns, helps you to get more out of your hobby and helps our artform to gain credibility outside our membership. In 2017, the Education Team will aim to deliver the following:

  • HUNZ 2017: A series of nationwide education events for singers, directors, coaches, and quartets

  • Coaching Certification: A new initiative to invited applicants to be trained and certified as Coaches. These individuals will help to continue to build capacity within BHNZ, and will be introduced to the programme in February 2017.

  • Social Media: Keep an eye out online for an increased presence from the Education Team. The new BHNZ Education Team Facebook page has been launched, so join the page and get all the exciting news as it happens!

  • Tailored Education: In early 2017, choruses will receive a survey to help us conduct a national “health check”. This will help to ensure that our team is providing tailored, needs-based opportunities.

  • Thinking outside the square! We are looking beyond our barbershop networks to find the richest sources of learning opportunities for all of us. In 2017, we will invite a keynote speaker from the wider music and performance world to help inspire us and show us new possibilities for our music.

  • Top Gun Quartet College: In the lead up to Pan Pacific 2017, we will offer an exciting new event in the form of a Top Gun Quartet College for established quartets to join a weekend of intensive coaching. The Top Gun college will be a chance for you and your three friends to learn more about the hallmark of this style - quartetting!

  • The New Zealand Polecat Book: The Education Team will begin building a repertoire of original, New Zealand arrangements that we hope will become part of our unique polecat culture. We welcome any and all suggestions.

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