Directors College

This year, we are assuming Directors and Assistant Directors are now competent in teaching their singers the fundamentals of Sound Management  including '5 steps to producing quality tone'. In Directors College 2017, you will focus on applying all your skills to the rehearsal setting where you will be coaching in real time. You will improve your ability to instantaneously assess, plan, prioritise, measure, and analyse the music produced.  Directors College will help to  expand your tool kit and will give you lots of practical experience. Your course will culminate in the optional Master Class session on Monday night attending the rehearsal of a top NZ chorus.

How to Teach What You Know including:

  • real time analysis 
  • positive communication 
  • toolbox sessions

Rehearsal techniques including:

  • planning ahead
  • reviewing issues from previous rehearsals
  • PCIs - Personal Conducting Instruction
  • making the most of your Assistant

Leadership including:

  • case study sharing
  • team building
  • VFX/MRH under glass

Harmony College

This year, we are assuming all singers are competent in the fundamentals of producing a free open tone through taking personal responsibilty for singer's alignment (stance) and breath management. Classes this year will be very practical where singers are encouraged to apply their learning through practising good habits - this means LOTS of singing. We will also provide a Beginners' Vocal Production class for those newer to our artform. You will receive feedback and continue to build your tool kit to improve your singing and performance. 

Classes will include: 

  • Chorus stream with known or simple songs 
  • Applied learning - personal responsibility
  • Tag singing
  • PVIs - Personal Vocal Instruction
  • SGIs - Small Group Instruction (2 or 3)
  • Care of the aging voice
  • Performance skills

Quartet College

A number of quartets will be able to sign up in the Quartet College stream to receive specialised coaching in all 3 judging categories. Preference will be given to established quartets. Take part in the Regional Quartet Qualifying Contest on Saturday night to earn your place to compete at the Pan Pacific competition in 2017.

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