The Barbershop Foundation of New Zealand

Our Aims

We believe singing improves lives. The Foundation’s mission is to support and share the gift of singing as an extraordinary means of making lives more enjoyable, satisfying and meaningful.

As an independent Foundation, our Aim is to grow the quality of Barbershop singing across the country and to extend its reach.

The Foundation will foster, promote, facilitate, encourage and provide training and instruction in and commitment to the craft of Barbershop singing throughout New Zealand by giving financial and other assistance to any individual person, group or other body to achieve these ends.

The Foundation is governed by a Trust Deed and administered by a volunteer Board of Trustees with specialist skills, each of whom is a Member of Barbershop Harmony New Zealand.

We are looking for your support!

Share your enjoyment

You have had great fun and challenge from Barbershop singing. Hopefully, there’s a lot more to come! It’s not just the singing – it’s also the great camaraderie and the sense of collective musicianship, not to mention the stronger sense of self-esteem.   Together, let’s extend the reach of our wonderful hobby!  

Your help: a gift with Vision and Foresight

A gift to The Barbershop Foundation of New Zealand will benefit both existing and future Barbershop singers, especially youth. More people will then enjoy the great sound of those ringing chords!

You’ll be contributing to helping Barbershop reach into more homes in more areas. And we’ll be building the quality of performance right across the nation.

Every dollar counts

Every dollar donated will be put to work hard to achieve these ends.   Secure funding will ensure that continued professional support and training can be made available to existing singers – and new. We can then extend our reach into schools and new communities.

IRD Donation refunds

33.33% of donations (up to the donor’s taxable annual income) can be claimed back as a tax refund. Any donation over $5 is tax deductible.  An IR526 form is needed to claim a refund and can be filed immediately after 31 March each year independently from any  individual tax-return form. Visit for forms.

The Trustees look forward to your support!  Should you donate $600 or more in one year, you would be eligible to join the “Friends of Barbershop”. Friends of Barbershop are entitled to special privileges at New Zealand Conventions of the BHNZ.

Please ACT NOW!

Thank you so much for considering benefitting The Barbershop Foundation of New Zealand.

John Denton [email protected] 
Harold Henderson [email protected]
Douglas Langford, CNZM, FACA [email protected]
Trustees of The Barbershop Foundation of New Zealand


Notes on making a Bequest:

The Barbershop Foundation of New Zealand Bequesters’ Charter:

• We will always respect your privacy. We recognise and appreciate that your Will is completely personal to you

• We realise that, rightly, your family and loved ones will always come first

• You can tell us that you’ve left a gift if you want to and we’d love to hear – but you don’t need to and we won’t keep asking

• If you choose to tell us, you can decide how you would like to be involved with us and what you would like to know about our work

• We will use your gift carefully and cost effectively so that it has the greatest impact

• We will handle whatever gift you leave us efficiently and also with sensitivity and respect

• We will honour your wishes and use your gift as directed by you.

Suggested wording: “I give to The Barbershop Foundation of New Zealand the sum of $___ (or a percentage, or the residue of my Estate, or a description of the property or asset given) for its general purposes and declare that the receipt of their Trustees or other proper officer shall be sufficient discharge for my Trustee”.


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