C&J Team Update

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December 17, 2016 - 11:00pm -- Matthew Gifford

The Contest & Judging Team is responsible for the recruitment, training, certifying, and monitoring of NZ-based judges of the Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges (AGBJ). The Team is also responsible for administering and officiating BHNZ contests, including the maintenance of contest rules.

The C&J Team is well underway with its planning for the next few years, and is working on some exciting initiatives. These include:

  • Judge Category School 2017: preparing for the next round of judge certification, which will take place prior to the Pan Pacific Convention in Sydney in September/October next year.

  • Judge recruitment and training: refreshing the model for the recruitment of judges into the judging programme, training and preparing judges for their certification, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of judge performance once certified.

  • Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges: the C&J Team is reviewing its role in the AGBJ, of which BHNZ is a partner member with Barbershop Harmony Australia. This includes the review of our current MOU and the AGBJ Manual.

  • New Contest Administrator software: the C&J team is working closely with BHA and the BHS to incorporate the new Contest Administrator software, once released by the Barbershop Harmony Society. Watch this space!

  • Affiliate judge pathway: new pathways are being developed to progress our highest performing judges to international accreditation. Judges will be able to earn Tier 1, 2, or 3 judging status, endorsed by the BHS, which will allow them to score and evaluate choruses and quartets at a recognised international level. There is also a new pathway being developed for affiliate judges (including NZ) to become certified in the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Qualifications for 2017 Pan Pacific Convention

  • All quartets will be required to reach a qualifying score of 55% or above in order to compete at the Pan Pacific Convention in Sydney.

  • Quartets may qualify at either of the two regional qualifying contests (held in conjunction with HUNZ) or by video submission.

  • Qualifying contests are as follows:

    • Hamilton: Saturday April 29, 7.00pm, St Paul’s Collegiate.

    • Wellington: Saturday May 6, 7.00pm, El Rancho Camp, Waikanae Beach.

  • Video Submissions must be sent before 5.00pm, Sunday 7 May 2016, and may be sent at any time. Quartets will be notified of their scores and qualification no later than 5.00pm, Sunday May 28th.

  • Qualification is necessary for quartets in all categories: Novice, Youth, Senior, Open, and Mixed. The minimum qualifying score of 55% applies to all categories.

  • Choruses need not qualify.

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